What is personal injury?

January 7th, 2016
Personal injury lawyers in Mesa, or auto accident lawyers, such as myself, are often asked what is a personal injury? Does it have to be broken bones or something that shows up on an X-ray? The answer is no. A personal injury is any injury to one…

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November 3rd, 2014
It’s been lonely here the past couple of weeks with Dan being far and away in China where he was invited to lecture Chinese College and Law School Students on the American Criminal Justice System.  We are mighty glad to have him back, but it sure…

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road debris hazards

August 27th, 2014
Most of us have seen or have been impacted by road debris while driving on Arizona Roadways. Roughly 25,000 people Nationwide are involved in Road Debris Accidents, and 90 lose their life due to these accidents (According to AAA).These…

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whiplash disc herniation effects

Most Arizona Personal Injury Lawyers do not have the necessary medical education to definitively conclude whether whiplash in fact causes disc herniation. Furthermore, there is a split in professional opinion on the issue. However, it is clear that…

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August 10th, 2014
Unlike many law firms, our main focus is to provide you with the peace of mind. Knowledge of the law is only part of the whole picture. Your comfort with our representation is absolutely necessary to complete the picture. For us, it is not just…

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personal injury

August 6th, 2014
In the 27 years that I have practiced personal injury law, I have come to a single conclusion: If the automobile insurance companies treated people who have been injured in an automobile accident fairly and with respect, I would have to find…

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July 2nd, 2014
A process server makes sure that parties in a legal case get requisite legal documents. That might be divorce papers to the spouse who didn’t do the filing, child custody claims to the non-custodial parent, or notice of a lawsuit against a…

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