Demand Letters and Your Personal Injury Case Mesa

June 7th, 2016
A demand letter is a Mesa automobile accident personal injury attorney’s stock in trade. It is the final result of all the hard work, time and effort expended in putting together the injury file. There are different styles of demand letters. Some…

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Do you need a Chandler Personal Injury Lawyer?

April 15th, 2016
I am sure that any experienced Chandler personal injury lawyer will tell you the number one question from any injured client is: “So…..what do you think my case is worth?” I usually begin by telling my clients “Look, I need you to understand you…

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What Do I Do with The Medical Bills I Receive While Waiting for a Settlement?

March 30th, 2016
This is actually a very interesting question in my personal injury, automobile accident practice here in Gilbert, Arizona. Many, not all, but many of my clients fall into an odd situation where they are receiving bills from their medical providers,…

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February 8th, 2016
In my personal injury practice in Mesa, Arizona, I often run across many different types of automobile insurance policies – most of which my clients simply do not understand. Liability and Uninsured or Underinsured coverage is hard enough to…

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Gilbert Personal Injury Lawyer can Help with automotive accident cases

February 2nd, 2016
One of the more typical topics of conversation with my clients within our automobile accident practice here in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona, is exactly what coverage did they buy? Most clients have owned the same insurance coverage for years…

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Gilbert uninsured and underinsured car insurance coverage is important.

For twenty-seven years I have practiced personal injury law, much of that having to do with automobile accidents. I am always amazed by how poorly my clients protect themselves. And this is not just my clients of limited means. I have represented…

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How Much Mesa Insurance Should I Carry?

January 7th, 2016
As a Mesa personal injury attorney here in the East Valley of Maricopa County, Arizona, I am continually amazed at how little insurance my clients carry to protect themselves from injuries caused by automobile and motorcycle accidents. Whenever…

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Mesa Negligence: Duty, Breach, Causation, Damage

Most people of my Mesa automobile accident clients believe that just because they were injured, by something or someone, they should be compensated. This is just not true. In order for the defendant to be liable to injured party, there must be a…

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