Personal Injury – What You Need to Know

Personal Injury – What You Need To Know

In the 27 years that I have practiced personal injury law, I have come to a single conclusion: If the automobile insurance companies treated people who have been injured in an automobile accident fairly and with respect, I would have to find another line of work. The insurance companies simply refuse to treat people fairly and that is why people turn to me for representation.
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Most of my clients have suffered some form of whiplash; pain in their necks, back, and legs. Others have been injured more severely with torn rotator cuffs, torn ligaments, broken bones and or torn menisci in their knees or ankles. All of them, though, say the same things: “I tried to talk to the insurance company but they treated me like I was a nuisance.” Or, “After all I have been through, all they offered was $500.00.” Or, “The insurance company said they would take care of me if I signed this piece of paper. I read it and have no idea what it means.” And then they all tell me “Look, I am not looking to get rich here, I just want what is fair.”

I know the insurance companies spend a lot of money making the personal injury attorney look bad in the eyes of the public but the fact is, they created this system. And they created it by treating you poorly, with no respect and with an eye toward one thing: giving you as little money as possible. That is how they make money. You are a statistic to the insurance company, a file number, a liability that they want to dispose of as fast and as cheaply as possible.

Do not let them do it to you. If you have been in an accident in Arizona and your gut tells you that the insurance company is not playing fair, give me a call or make an appointment and we can talk about it. Our evaluation consults are Free. We have offices in Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix and Tempe. We also offer consultations via phone, Skype or Facetime. You do not have to hire me but at least you can tap my 27 years of experience and figure out for yourself if you need a personal injury lawyer in Gilbert, whether it is me, or someone else. Contact us today.

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