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Mental Anguish
Pain and Suffering

Victims of automobile accident or collision suffer injuries and sometimes these injuries are debilitating in the short run and in the long run. Many of my injured clients here in Mesa, Arizona and throughout the east valley in Maricopa County Arizona have the same three questions at the start of the case:

Can I receive compensation for the pain and suffering caused by this accident?

Will I receive any money to compensate me for the inconvenience caused by this accident and the injuries I sustained?

And, will I be compensated for the pain and suffering I endured as a result of this automobile accident?

The answer to these three questions is, “yes” you may be compensated for all three of those categories of injuries.

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Anyone who has been injured, whether in an automobile accident in Mesa or not, knows that there is a lot of hassle involved in healing injuries. You have to take time to go to the doctor. You have to do home exercises. You may have to lay off your favorite recreational activities for a while. Or, in many cases, you may experience fear and hyper-vigilance while driving a car. The injuries and resulting pain may also interfere with your sleep, sex life and planned vacations. All of that counts towards a final settlement amount.

But, and this is a very large but, you cannot just say these things happen. You need proof. I do ask many of my clients to keep a daily journal as historical proof of the effects of the accident. Some do, some do not. Those that do get better settlements than those who do not.

What I ask the client to do in this journal is to keep track of appointments, time spent at the doctors, driving distances (you are entitled to the IRS medical mileage rate as reimbursement for every mile traveled to and from medical providers) and lost activities. You can also keep track of daily pain scales, measuring the pain in a 1 to 10 scale, ten being the worse pain and 1 being no pain.

In this journal you can keep track of missed recreational activities – fishing, bowling, whatever you used to do on a fairly regular basis. You can get a short letter from a friend verifying that you did participate in these activities and the injuries from the automobile accident kept you from participating for a period of time.

You also can get letters or short statements from your spouse or significant other verifying the effect the injuries had on sleep, sex and household chores and other activities.

car accident injuryFinally, if you are having psychological trouble driving or riding in a car, something I call “hyper-vigilance” see a doctor or counselor to talk it through. The doctor or counselor can then write a short report detailing the effects of the accident on your psyche, the period of time you were effected and the steps used to cure you of that problem.

These are just a few ides but remember: You can simply claim “mental anguish, inconvenience and pain and suffering” and receive a nominal or small amount of money as compensation.

But if you want to be fairly compensated, you are going to have to prove the effects of the injuries and the accident had on your life. Keeping track of the effects of the injuries on your life is easy to do and takes a few minutes every day but in the end, your settlement will reflect the effort. Contact us Marco Injury Law Law PLLC for more information!

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